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During vacation in Maine, a 6-year-old girl accidentally died due to a broken badminton racket while playing with her brother last week. The girl named Lucy morgan was playing with a broken badminton racket on Saturday noon, the aluminum shaft of the racket came outside the handle and hit the girl and this pierced her skull as said by the Maine State Police on Friday.

Lucy was then rushed to hospital from the home in Limerick, a west town of Portland, then she had flown to Maine Medical Center but she died on Wednesday. This incident was an accident as said by the police in a statement, “The Maine State Police would like to extend their deepest condolences to the Morgan family,” who they said was from Stockholm, New Jersey.

“After significant thorough testing and even more repeated tests to be certain, brain death was declared 1:32am on June 5, and her heart stopped beating around 4am. Lucy was with Jesus,” her father, Jesse Morgan, wrote. He also mentioned that his wife gave a prayer journal last month, which was found in her backpack after her death,  The first entry read, “God is so amazing and He si the true God and He created everything and He died on the cross for our sins.” Lucy’s father mentioned, “It’s almost as if God was writing with her, drawing her to himself. How a six year old journals like this is beyond me.”

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