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A child found in a duffle bag at a Reynolds Station home on Friday in Ohio County and investigators are still working on identifying the child who is believed to be 8-month-old. The baby named Miya Rudd got identified when the officials gathered DNA from baby’s parents named Tesla Tucker and Cage Rudd. Baby’s parents and his grandfather, Ricky Smith are currently facing charges of drug trafficking and abuse of a corpse and they were asked before the grand jury for the drug-related charges in the Ohio County District Court. Officials said, there were large amount of drug residue and trash found inside several rooms of their home and also said, “…specifically the bag of meth was in a room with a bassinet, a child’s bed, and it was literally laying on the floor in plain view next to Narcan,” said Kentucky State Police Detective Dalton Mellot.

Detective Mellot has also find out more evidence in a bunker behind the house saying, “…large scales, a gigantic box of syringes that were used, needles. We found some sort of chemistry equipment and it had white residue.”

Miya Rudd’s mother, Tucker started crying as soon as hearing unfolded. Attorney at Law Zanda Myers said there are not enough evidences that can prove that they were selling drugs. He was working as a defense attorney of Tucker. “Your honor, I would submit to the court that residue does not rise to the level of trafficking in the controlled substance. Furthermore, part of that is enhanced trafficking; you can’t just make the assumption,” Myers said.

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