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A 24-year-old father got killed in Chicago by a gunshot by an armed man while attempting robbery. This incident got captured by surveillance footage in the city’s Dunning neighborhood. The Chicago father was going towards the bus stop around 7 a.m. near Irving Park Road and Pittsburgh Avenue when a man confronted him and demanded cash.

After this a neighbor heard a gunshot and ran towards the incident place to help. She told the officials that, “I heard someone screaming. I looked out the window. I could see him from my window, so I ran over there.”

After seeing the man lying on the street with a gunshot in the chest, she took measure and used her hooded sweatshirt as a tourniquet. “He talked to me for a little bit, then he said it started being hard to breathe, so,” the witness said.

The victim of this incident lived a block away from the incident place who was taken to Loyola University Medical Center where he was declared dead. He was a family man having one baby and another on the way. “I was there, and I’m sorry that he didn’t make it, and I wish he would have so he could see his kids get older,” the neighbor said.

The surveillance video has been posted online on late Friday by Chicago police to get more leads of the incident. Detectives are still searching for gunman. “Not only did he shoot him, but continued to rob him after he shot him, so that’s what I saw in the video,” the neighbor said.

“It could have happened to anyone of us. They were looking for someone and they found somebody,” one resident said.

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