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A man killed two Connecticut police officers after getting aggressive by an angry interaction the man had with the police earlier and along with it problems in his personal life and abuse of alcohol an drugs made him do so. The policemen who died are Bristol police Sgt. Dustin DeMonte and Officer Alex Hamzy were gunned down while going to home and along with them there was a third officer who survived the 2022 attack was fatally shot by the gunman. The gunman was identified as Nicholas Brutcher by police.

Nevertheless, “It must be emphasized that Nicholas Brutcher is the murderer here,” as per the investigation report. “It would be wrong to place any blame for the attack on the traffic stop officers or others in Nicholas Brutcher’s life.” Brutcher also made a call to 911 on Oct. 12, 2022 which was a fake call, he was asking for help with his brother in that call. He claimed that his brother has been acting aggressively since the two were pulled over in a traffic stop after a bar fight earlier that night.

When all the three officer went to Brutcher’s home by responding the call, he opened fire with an AR-15 style from a hiding spot in some bushes. He then stood over DeMonte and Hamzy where they had fallen by shot and fired dozens of shot on them in front of his parents, Joseph and Catrina Brutcher who came outside their home after hearing firing sounds.

His mother’s nonstop screams caught in police body camera video. She told investigators that, “I don’t think I ever screamed like that before in my life. My son walked over to one of the officers that was down and just shot him point blank in his head. I was just screaming at him to stop.”

The report said, “The evening had begun at a bar where Brutcher had planned to perform during an open-mic forum, but instead got into a drunken fight with a patron, leading a bartender to call police, according to the report. After Brutcher and his brother, Nathan, left the bar, officers pulled over their truck and had it towed, saying Nicholas Brutcher was too drunk to drive and Nathan Brutcher had an expired driver’s license. Their mother was called to pick them up. At the scene, she scolded a belligerent Nicholas, an interaction that likely left him feeling humiliated.”

He fired a total of 83 rounds, 59 from the assault rifle and 24 from a 9mm handgun. “Twenty-four shots landed on Officer Hamzy. Six shots landed on Sergeant DeMonte,” the report said.

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