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Producer and writer from Canada, Albert S. Ruddy died at age of 94 at the UCLA Medical Center. He won Oscars for The Godfather and Million Dollar Baby and had produced more than 30 movies, from The Godfather and Million Dollar Baby to Cannonball Run II and Megaforce.

Albert Ruddy was born in 1930 in Montreal, then he moved to the U.S. as a child and grown up in New York City. He did his graduation from University of Southern California and after that he met TV actor Bernard Fein in the early 1960s when he was working as an architect. Ruddy was done with his architect career and along with Fein decided to develop a TV series. Hogan’s Heroes, starring Bob Crane as the wily Col. Hogan ran from 1965-71 but he was then criticized for trivializing World War II and turning the Nazis into lovable cartoons.

Ruddy also had up and downs in his career, such as success in The Longest yard and flops as the Arnold Schwarzenengger thriller Sabotage. He has also worked with Brut Reynolds. He was married to Wana McDaniel, she was a sales executive and Iiaison for Giorgio Armani who helped to make the brand omnipresent in Hollywood, they shared two children.

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