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A US tourist is missing after going on a hike alone on the island of Amorgos. The tourist named Albert Calibet of age 59 years got disappeared on Tuesday afternoon after being reported missing by his friend when he did not return from his hike after hours. Greek officials and several agencies participated in this search including coastguard volunteer and teams from the neighboring islands of Paros and Naxos. They are searching him on both land and water. Drones are also used in this search on the northern part of the island and officials are trying to trace Mr. Calibet’s two mobile phones. “We’re almost on three days here,” his brother Oliver Calibett told. “There’s no water… I’m very distraught.”

Oliver Calibet and Mr. Calibet’s girlfriend are heading towards Greece to locate him. Mr. Calibet is the retired police officer from Los Angeles County who starter hiking on Tuesday morning in the village of Aegiali. According to the text messages and pictures of the signs, he was heading toward Katapola on foot. The path he has chosen is well travelled and not difficult but the island is suffering from heat waves with temperatures 35C.

“Temperatures are very high, like all of Greece during the heatwave,” the island’s deputy mayor for tourism, Popi Despotidi, told Greek media. “We’re guessing he felt dizzy… and collapsed somewhere. It’s odd because he’s not someone who was walking this route for the first time.”

“Our hope is that we can bring him home safely,” Los Angeles County Sheriff Robert Luna told. “We are actively collaborating with multiple agencies abroad to provide assistance in the search for Deputy Calibet and will use every resource we have available to bring him back to those who love him.”

After extensive search, his body was found in a rocky areas and investigation revealed that he died due to natural cause on the day he went missing.

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