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The son convicted murderer and disgraced attorney Alex Murdaugh named Buster Murdaugh has filed a lawsuit against several major media companies for linking him to the death of Stephen Smith. The lawsuit was filed in Hampton County Court on Friday and he filed against companies such as Netflix, Warner Media and Gannett among others.

Smith of age 19 years found dead on a Hampton County on July 8, 2015 and this case was ruled as a hit-and-run investigation for several years. Smith family attorney Ronie Richter told, “Frankly, we have no evidence at this time to suggest any Murdaugh had any involvement in Stephen’s death.”

The attorney represented Smith’s mother, Sandy Smith, told that he feels this lawsuit may backfire on Murdaugh. “It brings oxygen into a fire that was almost smoldering and out,” Bland with Bland Richter Law Firm said. “If he wanted to get on with his life, this would not be a way that I would recommend getting on with your life and getting a fresh start.”

“The only questions that Buster has answered is he has said, ‘Hey, I didn’t kill Stephen Smith and I’ve never had a sexual relationship with him.’ But what nobody’s ever asked is, ‘Well, do you have any information about how Stephen Smith died?’ The discovery process is very personally intrusive in litigation,” Bland said when he felt that lawsuit will put more questions on Murdaugh.

“If I was defending this case, my first deposition wouldn’t be Buster. I would work all the way around Buster. I would go to all his different friends and all the different people that they had mutual relationships with. I would take those depositions and I would accumulate all that information. My last deposition would be Buster,” he said.

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