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Authorities rest the case in Chad Daybell’s triple murder case after six weeks of testimony. He was accuses of charges in killing his wife Lori Vallow’s two kids named Tylee Ryann and JJ Vallow who used to live in the valley, also he is accused of killing his first wife Tammy Daybell.

Before announcement of resting the case, prosecutors have called investigator, relatives and people who were included in dark religious circle of Chad and Lori and claimed that the couple killed all the persons who were the obstacles in their relationship. After resting the case, defense attorney of Daybell, John Prior filled a motion for the judge to acquit Chad Daybell on the charges and claimed that the state did not have much proof regarding the case.

The original indictment, filed in 2021, had what the state said were the correct dates associated with JJ Vallow’s death: September 22 – 23, 2019. But the amended indictment, dated February 2024, listed the dates as “on or between September 8th or 9th,” the dates associated with JJ Vallow’s sister Tylee Ryan’s death.

Prosecutors argued the judge should allow them to fix the mistake. “We’re all kind of falling on our sword here,” said one of the prosecutors. “This was clearly an oversight. We’re talking about a clerical error and in a subsequent document that is not the initial document. This is exactly the type of mistake or inadvertence that the court could reopen this case for.” The judge then denied the motion to acquit this murder charges to and said that it was an inadvertent error and state is not able to show any evidence regarding the same to move forward with charges.

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