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Authorities in Indonesia announced on Monday that a 17-year-old Chinese badminton player had passed away after passing out on the court during an international competition. He was remembered as being “outstanding” and “talented.” During a match against Japan’s Kazuma Kawano late on Sunday at the Asia Junior Championships in Yogyakarta, Zhang Zhijie unexpectedly became ill.

Zhang went to the ground in the opening game with the score tied at eleven. He was attended to at the scene and transported by ambulance to the hospital, where he was kept alive until his vital signs failed. It was not immediately clear what caused the death.

Zhang Zhijie, a singles player from China, passed out on the court during an evening match, according to badminton. After being taken to the hospital, he passed away yesterday at 23:20 local time. The medical staff and competition physician took care of him. In less than two minutes, he was transported to the hospital in the backup ambulance. The statement went on, “The badminton world has lost a talented player.”

Zhang joined China’s national youth squad last year and began playing badminton in kindergarten. He took home the singles championship earlier this year from the Dutch Junior International, a renowned young competition.

The badminton organization of China expressed its “deep sadness.” The CBA said in a statement that Zhang Zhijie was an exceptional athlete on the national youth badminton team who enjoyed the game.

It stated further that “the nearby hospital has not yet determined the reason for the demise.

On Monday, there was a moment of silence during the team competition in Yogyakarta. The Chinese team showed their appreciation by donning black armbands. The silver and bronze medallist from India, P.V. Sindhu, described Zhang’s passing as “absolutely heartbreaking.”

Not present at the competition, Sindhu said on X, “I offer my deepest condolences to Zhang’s family during this devastating time.” “Today, the world lost a remarkable talent.”

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