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The Dallas Cowboys haven’t opened their wallets yet, and CeeDee Lamb is ready to be paid. While the two sides engage in a game of chicken, there have been reports that Lamb may make a trade demand. Clarence Hill, Jr. added another intriguing gem while dismissing the notion that Lamb would attempt to play hardball. Hill said that in order to get Lamb to sign on the dotted line, it will cost more than $32 million.

Considering that Justin Jefferson inked a four-year, $140 million contract, his assertion makes logical. Though it isn’t how negotiations operate, we can argue that Jefferson can ask for more. The most recent contract is the new starting point for negotiations for the next man up, as we’ve seen with quarterbacks.
Along with the fact that this is the case suggests that the thrifty Jones family is probably considering their alternatives. But ought they to think of selling Lamb?

Exchanges Only if the Cowboys believe their window of opportunity to win a title is narrowing does Lamb make sense. This is the worst time for Lamb to be involved in a contract dispute because it’s difficult to determine at this point.
Neither Mike McCarthy nor Dak Prescott have any security past 2024 as they approach the last year of their contracts. This is deliberate since the front office is unsure if they can help them get over the rough patch.
Prescott was theirs to preserve, thus they should take every precaution to hold onto Lamb. However, it would make sense to trade their all-star wide receiver to a rival team in exchange for several draft picks if they were prepared to rebuild.
They would have to take the same action with Prescott in this circumstance. Lamb would return with a haul that would undoubtedly include at least one more pick on Day 1 after he successfully retrieved multiple first-round selections. That kind of firepower would be invaluable to a rebuilding team.

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