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The body of a woman has been found by San Diego police and this body is believed to be of a 50-year-old hiker who got disappeared on Sunday on a trail in a wilderness area in San Diego. Police identified the hiker named Diem Le Nguyen who got disappeared after getting separated from her hiking group of about 100 people on the Nighthawk Trail in Black Mountain Open Space Park in the Rancho Penasquitos area of north San Diego.

Police went on discovering her by a search helicopter on Monday and spotted a body in the area Nguyen. Police could not initially identify her but are waiting for autopsy results for confirmation.

Nguyen went out around 8 p.m. with a hiking group and after halfway up the mountain when many of the hikers decided to go back because of heat as in that area the temperature was into the low 90s  and it was difficult to reach the summit of the 4,048-foot-tall Black Mountain but she decided to continue the journey. Just after 10a.m., Nguyen called her relatives and told them that she was feeling very hot and needed water and that was the last time anyone heard her, said by Meyer. Police started the rescue operation around 11:30 a.m. on Sunday after responding to the scene.

Another California hiker said during the search of Nguyen that he was thankful to be alive after getting lost on a hike in the Santa Cruz Mountains of Northern California and after spending 10 days in the wilderness before the search and rescue team found him.

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