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In the Mexican beach town of Puerto Penasco, a man died after being electrocuted in a jacuzzi at a resort hotel. The electric current shocked a man and a woman while inside an outdoor jacuzzi which is located next to a swimming pool at private condominiums on June 11, Tuesday. Puerto Penasco is a beach town which is situated in northwest Mexico on the Gulf of California near the Arizona border. This place is also known as the Sea of Cortez and usually crowded with U.S. tourists.

The man who died was Jorge N. of age 43 years and the women was identified as Lizeth N. by Sonora authorities, their hometown was not mentioned by them but according to some sources the man was from El Paso, Texas. Both were transported to the nearby U.S. hospital in a critical condition. The death is still under investigation by Sonora state authorities.

Same kind of jacuzzi and hot tub electrocutions were happened in the past years due to improper wire that sends electrical charge into the water and this happened between 2002 and 2018 that led to death of 33 and 33 got injured. The electric shock comes from various ways in swimming pools and hot tubs including underwater lights, electric pool equipment, extension and power cords, electrical outlets or switches, overhead power lines and more.

Electric shock can be detected when swimmers feel tingling sensation and cramps in their bodies in which they cannot move from the place they are standing. If someone feels something like this must get out of the water without using a metallic ladder as it can increase the chances of shock.

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