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The Amazon Prime Video presents a series Gen V will go under the production this May on Season 2, but they did not brought back another actor to play Andre Anderson. The producers of the series The Boys spin-off stated that the role was not be recast after the death of Perdomo. The 27 years old actor died in motorcycle accident on March 30, just before the start of filming in Toronto, Canada. The makers of Gen V had said about Perdomo and Season 2.

At social media the Gen V producers confirmed that the late Chance Perdomo’s role was not be recast in new season. The new season filming stared in this month. They stated that, “As we continue to navigate the tragic loss of Chance Perdomo, everyone Gen V is determined to find the best way to pay respect memory. We won’t recasting the role, because no one can replace Chance”.

They added, “Instead, we have been taking the time and space to refract our Season 2 storylines as we begin production in May. We will honor Chance and his legacy this season.” Filming on Season 2 of Gen V was about to begin on April 8 in Toronto as the cast and crew were expected to meet a few days before for their first table read. After news of Perdomo’s death broke, production was halted as they regrouped to figure out what to do.

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