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Due to fatal shooting of his stepfather on the northeast side of Indianapolis, Jackson County officials arrested an 18-year-old man from Georgia on Wednesday. He was arrested on unrelated charges but the officials found out that Addison was having a murder warrant which was issued out of Marion County. IMPD went to a home situated in the 3800 block of Sherman Forest Lane, where they found two individuals suffering from gunshot were lying there. One of the men was identified as Eric Parks of age 50 years who was pronounced dead after being taken to hospital.

Addison was arrested on charges of murder and battery by means of a deadly weapon on April 19 by the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office. The release said that “homicide detectives used various investigative techniques to identify a person of interest in this case.” “The IMPD would like to thank our law enforcement partners in Georgia for their assistance in getting a dangerous and violent criminal off the streets,” the release said.

According to the document, a neighbor said he heard sound of shooting outside his apartment and the other person said that he saw clothing hanging outside. Addison’s stepfather, Parks was standing in the parking lot during the incident and he shot the other person accidentally in self-defense. Some of the family members of Addison told that, Addison and his stepfather used to argue over marijuana that lead Parks to tell Addison to leave the home and this argument lead to shooting. After the shooting, Addison reportedly said “I’m about sick of that n—– s—” and he ran out the door.

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