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A man has been arrested in Arkansas on Thursday after two days of continuous search. This man is having an extensive criminal history who was wanted in case of three murders- two in Oklahoma and one in Alabama. The man named Stacy Lee Drake of age 50 years was taken into custody after being found in a wooded area in Morrilton, Ark. Situated in the central part of the state. Arrest warrant has been issued charging Mr. Drake in two murders in Oklahoma this week and the killing of the Alabama man in May. He was also wanted on other felony warrants in several jurisdictions, including charges with robbery and carjacking. Officials held him at the Conway County Detention Center on Thursday. The motive of murder has not been clear yet.

The commander of the violent crimes unit for the Tuscaloosa County Sheriff’s Office in Alabama, Capt. Jack Kennedy said, “What led him to become a person that violently assaults and murders people? I do not know.” Mr. Drake got suspected after being seen in a surveillance video.

Mr. Drake got also connected to the killing of a man in Tuscaloosa on May 14 as said by Captain Kennedy on Thursday. “He was utilizing a false name, and possibly dressing himself differently, including hats and glasses, at the time that he was in Tuscaloosa,” Captain Kennedy said. “It appears that he was traveling the country in this lifestyle, utilizing false names, in an attempt to keep from being incarcerated.”

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