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After coming into spotlights of fans, Caleb Williams is now facing a comparison of himself with the Chiefs star Patrick Mahomes. But this comparison is not ideal, this comparison is like comparison between Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes, Caleb William is also compared with the Chiefs star as well. The Tom Brady vs. Patrick Mahomes debate got justified, an NFL Draft analyst declared that it could be observe the same in Caleb Williams vs. Patrick Mahomes case.

Caleb Williams born in Washington, D.C. He started gaining recognition in high school for his plays. The quarterback’s breakthrough game was between Texas and Oklahoma, where he made his team win.

Reason behind comparison of Patrick Mahomes and Caleb Williams being ideal

The NFL Draft analyst for ESPN, Matt Miller recently got involved in a conversation with talkSPORT in which he gave brief about the comparison between Patrick Mahomes and Caleb Williams that does not relate to anything. “Chicago has done a great job of building a framework around [Caleb Williams], which is incredibly important,” Matt said.

Then he said that he believes Caleb Williams has a 90% chances of becoming a Pro Bowl quarterback. Other than this he believes that Caleb will be going to be the future potential leader of Chicago being a Super Bowl. However, he is still not at the same level as Mahomes.

The reason due to which Patrick Mahomes has already got much success in the NFL is that he strives for perfection which is his secret behind being a successful athlete. “But I wouldn’t want to say, ‘Hey, here’s the next Patrick Mahomes just waiting for the Bears to select him,’ because there are too many risk factors.”

In the previous season, Caleb Williams won Heisman Trophy. Other than this he is also famous for his public display of emotions on the field, like painting his nails with messages.

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