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Suzanne Morphew from Colorado went missing after a bike ride in May 2020, was died due to homicide as per an investigation released by the Colorado Bureau of Investigation. Her cause of death is unknown or may be it is due to undetermined means such as butorphanol, azaperone, and medetomidine intoxication according to an autopsy report.

As per the autopsy report released from EI Paso County, “These drugs are marketed as a compounded injectable chemical immobilizer for wildlife.” No one indicated any presence of trauma in her body at the time of her death. Suzanne’s husband named Barry Morphew got charged with her murder allegations in 2021. These charged got suspended in April 2022 just before the time of trial. No one has been arrested regarding this case.

Chris Schaefer, CBI director said, “The Colorado Bureau of Investigation and our law enforcement partners understand and appreciate the public interest surrounding this case.” He also stated in a statement on Monday, “The investigative team assembled to work this case continues to follow the evidence and only the evidence as we seek justice for Suzanne’s death.”

After many investigations her body found in September 2023 in Moffat, Colorado situated in Saguache County which is located 90 minutes south of her residence.

For not giving any information about any evidence of clothing or the bullet tested for any DNA evidence, Barry and their adult daughter Macy and Mallory got accused.

“They’ve got tunnel vision and they looked at one person and they’ve got too much pride to say they’re wrong and look somewhere else,” Morphew said at the time. “I don’t have anything to worry about. I’ve done nothing wrong.”

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