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Pasco County officials found human remains in Pasco County which might be of missing persons involving two adults and two children. According to Pasco County Sheriff’s Office, they were looking for missing persons named Rain Mancini of age 26 years, Phillip Zilliot of age 25 years, Karma Zilliot of age 6 and Phillip Zilliot of age 5 years.

These human remains were found at the home of Rory Atwood who got arrested and charged with first-degree homicide. These missing persons were last heard from late Wednesday night into Thursday morning with Atwood. “Their living situation was never the best. They were transient, going from one place to another, they were staying at Rory’s for awhile and something happened. An argument came out of this one,” Sheriff Nocco explained.

According to Sheriff’s office, detectives initially went to house of Atwood and he has given them the permission to search his home and they found nothing at the initial search.

But on Friday, around 4:30 p.m., deputies searched the property again and found human remains in his home. “Those two poor little children. It’s heartbreaking. We believe they may be on the property deceased, but we do not know that definitively, and we’ll do everything we can to track them down. We pray to God they’re alive somewhere, but at the same time, for that family, we need to find closure and we need to find justice,” Sheriff Nocco added.

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