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Lockdown has been imposed on the Republican headquarters in Washington, DC until next notice along with a Hazmat team and the police personnel when they had sent several vials of blood there. The US Capitol Police asked legislators to stay away from the Republican Committee address as they are examining a “suspicious substance” there. Police had advised the whole staff to avoid the area until further notice. For examining the suspicious substance, bomb squad team has rushed to the scene.

Brianna Burch, officers responded to the Republican headquarters, in the 300 block of First Street SE, around 7:45 am (local time), and at mid-morning they were still carrying out an investigation regarding the source of the package.

The House Sergeant are at arms and the U.S. House of Representatives’ chief law enforcement and protocol officer has released an information advising traffic restrictions in the are because of law enforcement activity at the RNC.

When asked about the incident from the White House press secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre, she called it “concerning”. In addition she said, it condemns any political violence, threats, or intimidation and not having any relation with political discourse.

“I have done many times before as you just stated the Capitol police is looking into this so I would leave it to them to investigate what’s going on. It is concerning, we’ve obviously seen the report and we are going to do what we’ve consistently done from here is condemn any political violence threats or intimidation that has no place in any community and certainly in our political discourse and it is important that we continue to repeat that that has no place in our politics, no place anywhere and so we certainly condemn any form of any form of threats,” she said.

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