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According to the Federal trade Commission, after settlement of a lawsuit by the company, could could receive a refund. The refund would amount total of more than $5.6 million. Due to failure of implementing security protections, the lawsuit ordered the company to pay settlement charges.

The complaint filed by the FTC in May 2023 said Ring, “deceived its customers by failing to restrict employees’ and contractors’ access to its customers’ videos, using its customer videos to train algorithms without consent, and failing to implement security safeguards. These practices led to egregious violations of users’ privacy.”

A $30 million of settlement had been agreed to by Amazon last year, alleging privacy violations with its Alexa voice assistant and Ring doorbell camera. The eligible consumers having certain types of Ring devices including indoor cameras will be going to send 117,044 PayPal payments during the framing time. Consumers need to redeem their payments within 30 days.

“We take our responsibility to protect our customers’ privacy and security extremely seriously, and believe it’s important to provide context in relation to this settlement,” Ring said. “We want our customers to know that the FTC complaint draws on matters that Ring promptly addressed on its own, well before the FTC began its inquiry; mischaracterizes our security practices; and ignores the many protections we have in place for our customers. While we disagree with the FTC’s allegations and deny violating the law, this settlement resolves this matter so we can focus on innovating on behalf of our customers.”

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