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A veteran entertainment reporter in KTLA news station from Los Angeles, Sam Rubin died at the age of 64. As per the reports, he suffered a heart attack at his home, he was then taken to the hospital during which it lead to a complete cardiac arrest and death. He left the world, leaving his wife named Leslie and four children.

Rubin started his career when he was pursuing his graduation from Occidental coaching till 1991. During this period he had covered entertainment, movie, and TV news. After this he hosted his show of 100 episodes long named “Hollywood Uncensored with Sam Rubin”. He had also founded Broadcast Film Critics’ Association along with its co-founders.

Due to his great contribution in reporting, Rubin won several awards such as the Golden Mike and a lifetime achievement honor from the Southern California Broadcasters Association. He had also received multiple Emmy awards and get recognition as the best entertainment reporter by the Los Angeles Press Club.

Many actors and his family members paid tribute to Rubin by posting their thoughts such as:

“Sam was an icon in Los Angeles and the entertainment industry and he was a beloved member of our Nexstar Nation. My prayers are with his family and the KTLA family as we mourn his passing. He will be missed,” Sook said in a statement.

“Sam was a giant in the local news industry and the entertainment world, and a fixture of Los Angeles morning television for decades,” KTLA said in an X post. “His laugh, charm and caring personality touched all who knew him. Sam was a loving husband and father: the roles he cherished the most. Our thoughts are with Sam’s family during this difficult time.”

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