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Amber Portwood, a teen mother star expressed her worry about her fiancé Gary Wayt if her was reported missing. She said, “This is a huge deal, his parents, everybody is very worried. I am worried. There was not a big blowout fight or anything like that, OK. He is a missing person right now.”

Portwood of age 34 years stated that police know every detail about Gary’s disappearance. She also revealed that Gary left his residence situated in the North Carolina without his phone and was later seen alone at Walgreens on Sunday. She also stated that Gary of age 30 years took his keys and wallet when last seen before disappearance and did not have any GPS system in his car that could help to locate him. “We are in the mountains,” the reality star continued. “He has never driven in the mountains. We are very scared right now.” Emotionally she said, “Nobody has found or heard from him yet. I’m trying my best to not think the worst. I have not ate [sic] in three days. I slept maybe an hour.”

“We have not had explosive fights. We are very in love, this man asked me to be with him, this man then asked me to marry him. I have not touched this man in any horrible way. He does not touch me in any horrible way. We do not yell at each other … Please understand this, people change,” she said.

Portwood and Wayt met on a dating app in 2023 and used to live in Indiana. The star was previously linked with her ex Gary Shirley from 2008 to 2011 and have a 15-year-old daughter, Leah and a 6-year-old son James with ex Glennon whom she dated around 2018 to 2022.

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