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The reality show star, Sarah Becker died at the age of 52 due to suicide earlier this week at her home which is situated in Illinois as confirmed by her family. Sarah is best known for appearing in MTV’s The Real World Season 5, the reality series set in Miami. Becker’s friends express condolences on social media after her death.

Daniel Norton posted, “Sarah Becker was made of pure sunshine… Full of energy and positivity, you couldn’t help but feel her warmth standing in her presence. I am grateful for our adventures and laughs. Big hugs to all the Wildstorm fam!”

Norton said by replying on the post, “I think Sarah was always one of those people, that after you’ve met them, you have a fond memory or a funny story with them in it. Something you can always look back on and share with who you’re with. That was her power.”

Sarah was reportedly struggling with her mental health in recent months and had moved to Illinois to take care of her family last year. She was also involved in a skateboarding accident recently.

Joel Benjamin wrote, “I just found out that one on the nicest people that have ever been put in my life, especially during my impressionable ages in my life has passed away. Every time I thought of her I would always see her smile, and bubbly personality. You were loved and will be missed.”

Becker described herself on “The Real World” as a 19-year-old teen trapped in a 25-year-old body. She brought home a puppy during this season whose name was Leroy. Her co-stars in the show included  Dan Renzi, Melissa Padrón, Joe Patane, Cynthia Roberts, Flora Alekseyeun, and Mike Lambert.

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