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A chance encounter with a Twitch live streamer led to the safe discovery of a 17-year-old Michigan kid who had been missing for over three months in Miami. In May of last year, Troy Coleman disappeared from Mt. Morris Township, Michigan, which is located about 80 miles northwest of Detroit. According to Trent, Troy’s brother, none of the medications Trent takes for schizophrenia-related mental health conditions was being taken by Troy.

Twitch streamer located a teen missing from three months

Additionally, last week in Miami, a buddy of the inventor known as Clix and I had been streaming on Twitch under the username FaZe Lacy. During that broadcast, Lacy saw a shirtless boy in green trunks mingling with the crowd.
After a few days, Lacy discovered this email note: “Hello, my name is Trent Coleman and my missing little brother from Michigan was on Clix and Lacy’s stream in Miami. He is not on drugs, he is schizophrenic. He has been missing for three month and his case was put on homicide in Michigan.”

The police’s belief that Troy was the victim of a homicide is implied by the homicide comment, according to Lacy. Lacy wrote on his X page that it appears the story has a good ending.
Troy Coleman is the youngster seen on the stream, according to the Flint Township Police Department.

“Yesterday on stream he came up to me and Clix and now his family knows he is alive and in Miami. I wasn’t sure if I should make this public but I’m hoping somehow this helps him be found for his family,” Lacy wrote.

His family now knows he is alive and in Miami after he approached me and Clix on the webcast yesterday. Though Lacy wasn’t sure if she should share this with the world, she added, “Hopefully, in some way, this helps his family find him.”

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