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The International Organization for Migration has reviewed his estimate of death of people due to massive landslide occurred in Papua New Guinea, they have estimated more than 670 deaths due to this incident. The Chief of the United Nations agency’s mission in the South Pacific Island, Serhan Aktoprak told that the revised death toll is based on the calculation done in Yambali village and Enga provincial officials, they have also reported that more than 150 home have been buried to the landslide that occurred on Friday. Their previous estimate was 60 homes.

“They are estimating that more than 670 people [are] under the soil at the moment,” Aktoprak said. He added “The situation is terrible with the land still sliding. The water is running and this is creating a massive risk for eveyrone involved.” Authorities have recovered bodies of five only and a leg of sixth victim till Sunday. Seven people who were injured including a child have been sent to hospital to receive medical aid. Emergency responders are shifting people who are alive to a stable place. “The ground is quite unstable, making it difficult for rescuers to get in. The main road has also been cut off by about 200 metre [656 feet], hampering relief,” said a CARE Australian humanitarian group representative, Justine McMohan.

Government authorities are working on establishing evacuation centers on safer ground on either side of the massive swath of debris.

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