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Owner of the missing the Wally the alligator named Joie Henney announced that he is having emotional support animal, who is known for helping kids with disabilities and attending Philadelphia sporting events is missing from some days. Henney also shared in his post that he and his reptile, dubbed Wally or Wallygator, has visited their friends recently in Brunswick, Georgia.

The owner also said that when he was away from his residing place, the alligator was taken away from his pen between 4:30 a.m. to 7:00 a.m. The initial search of the creature did not help him. The alligator was the emotional support for his owner, Henney.

Wally the alligator missing and his owner said he was taken and released

He also said that someone who has stolen the creature was “who likes to drop alligators off into someone’s yard to terrorize them” and someone else has found him out near the home and informed the Georgia Department of Natural Resources (DNR). The agency then sent a trapper in response to the call and captured Wally and “dropped him off in a swamp with about 20 other alligators that same day.”

“The swamp is very large, and the trapper said the chances of them finding Wally is slim to none,” Henney added in his post. “We just pray with other alligators present that Wally is ok.” When he known about the alligator’s presence in swamp, he called the DNR to get the location in swamp. “Even the original swamp we were told is so large it would take months with an army to search,” Henney said.

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